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Main Features

  • Mediates between systems and GIS engines

  • Thick, WEB & Mobile clients

  • Integrated with various GIS engines

Key Benefits

  • Fast integration

  • Client and server APIs

  • Flexible GIS entities and behavior, configured with a drag and drop UI

  • Complex GIS related calculations )FOV, LOS, zones and more)

  • Flexible deployment modes

  • Choose best deployment mode

  • GIS Client integration with or without GIS mediator server

  • Flexible GIS data stores (System DB, GIS Mediator DB orGIS engine)


Who is it for

 Type of system


System provider with no GIS support

New system development

System with no WEB support

System that needs to support a new GIS engines

System that needs enhanced GIS calculations (FOV, line of Sight, Distance, Zones)

IOT management system

A new IOT or C&C system provider

C&C system with thick client, building WEB client

Existing C&C system

Flight/Traffic management system, video management system

  • Experts in 3D simulation - Vega-Prime engine

  • Experience with UE smart city project implementing 3D with complex functionality

  • GIS Mediator – A unique generic multiplatform component implements most smart cities use cases and C4I apps

  • GIS Mediator – works with ESRI map and ArcGIS server

  • GIS Mediator – can work with other map engines

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