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Unified Recording System  


The URS provides an automatic voice/audio/data communications, voice calls, video surveillance, and workstations screen recording and storing of required data, voice, video interactions as well as their synchronization

URD Block diagram.png

Main Features

  • The URS shall be designed for continuous duty operation (24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year).


  • Search based on time or other tags for video and audio that was recorded. (For example, all recordings related to a specific incident).


  • All relevant recording from all video and audio channels is displayed with their meta data, such as phone numbers, call length, camera name, etc.


  • Play multiple recorded channels simultaneously regardless of origin (video or audio) of recording in the order they were recorded, including simultaneous handling of:
    - Increase/decrease speed of playback
    Pause / jump forward/ backwards
    Export all recordings to files in a specific folder

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