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Engineering Services

Engineering Design

System Development

Integration & Test

Project Management

Engineering Representative

Engineering Consulting


Engineering Design

AxiomA provides engineering services from concept to delivery, covering system engineering, SW development, system requirements definition analysis and management, communication & Hardware design, System integration and validation.


Axioma can provide these services in the following ways:


  • As part of the customer projects team

  • End to End system design and development

  • As a consulting service

  • Outsourcing part of the project tasks

  • Research & Performance analysis

System Development

Axioma develops first in class engineering capabilities with the objective to achieve right first time, minimize re-work, maximize re-use using most up to date high-end technology, optimize the system integration process, taking end to end responsibility from presales throughout design, development, test integration and delivery.

Int & Test

Integration & Test

Axioma has accumulated many years of experience in managing and leading multidisciplinary system integration. This knowledge enables optimal project planning while reducing costs and risks in order to maximize resources, be on schedule and achieve the results that were set as objectives.

Axioma leads the integration process from the pre-sale, drafting of the contracts and primary planning, through the stages of engineering, development and testing, all the way up to delivery and evaluation process.

Project Management

The Axioma team is made up of executive managers with experience in multidisciplinary system design. Having held both military and civilian positions, including global experience in medium and large size organizations.

We supply project management services for projects with particular security concerns requiring unique and specialized skills and knowledge levels. 


Axioma represents offshore companies and startups around the world:

Our Services are:   

  • Project in the presale stage – Solution & Pricing

  • Consulting the Engineering contractual aspect

  • Project Lifecycle management

  • Choosing the right sub-contractors

  • Commercial, Financial and Schedule Management

  • Leading PMR and technical reviews

  • Risk Management

  • Monitoring, progress, output and reporting

Pro Manag

Engineering Representative

Axioma represents investors and entrepreneurs in projects and collaboration with the Israeli industry.

Axioma , in addition to its experience in engineering, provides a response to gaps in language, culture and work habits that are accepted in the Israeli industry.

Our engineers possess tens of years of experience in developing and managing projects in cooperation with the Israeli industry, so they are well acquainted with the companies' management, their staff and the development teams.

Engineering Consulting

Engineering Consulting

Axioma provides consulting in project management, system engineering solutions, SW solutions, Security, Testing, QA and IT infrastructure.


Our Company has consultants with wide engineering backgrounds so we can provide an overall consulting package.


Axioma provides professional support and monitoring of our consultants to ensure our customers receive the best value for money using the latest technologies and solutions including tools and modeling.


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